Thoughts Of A Girl

Gender Inequality. It takes place in many situations. It is experienced daily throughout the world, from the workplace to the streets, but we fail to notice that it also exists within our very own homes. You see, that’s where it all begins. I was raised in a conservative Indian family so I’ve seen years of [...]

Focus On: Re-Imagined Learning Centre

The Re-imagined Learning Centre is a school that believes in the traditional African saying: “It takes a community to raise a child”. It was founded by Che’vanni Davids, Cheree Springfield and Nkululeko Phakati in 2016. The initial intention of the founders was to start a home schooling initiative for a group of kids who had a [...]

Varsity bruh

The year has just begun and matriculants wait in anticipation for varsity to start while returning students begin the year with a mix of emotions. I can't help but think about the things I wish were better explained at the start of my journey. There are a few things that are not stressed enough. Provisional [...]