Mobile Maths Academy

Learning Academy

The Difference:

WakeUp ShakeUp SA understands that our youth is distracted. Mathematics is a discipline which obviously requires hours of dedication, practice and enthusiasm in order to be successful. We approach mathematics education in another way by making use of the modern mental tools in addition to a traditional extra tuition classroom. We provide the following services:

  • Encourage research and exploration: Learners are taught and encouraged to find then make use of all reliable available resources.
  • Mindfulness Training: This encourages a more positive attitude towards Mathematics education while promoting the general productivity of the learner
  • Social Media Community: We have created an entire social media community which aims to help learners feel less isolated in their struggles with mathematics. We use this space to further intrigue young minds and provide them with an extra source of motivation. We also encourage our youth to work together on solving more advanced problems.
  • Games and mock testing: WakeUp ShakeUp SA makes use of mock tests and mathematics games to promote the confidence of our learners.
  • Affordability: We attempt to keep our workshops as affordable as possible by hosting lessons at schools. Our aim is to teach students how to acquire knowledge and refrain from using teachers or tutors as mental crutches.

We would like South Africa to realise that academic excellence requires a life style change. Luckily for our learners they are never alone and always have our stories and articles to encourage and keep them motivated online and in their schools.