Youth &Digital Marketing

Corporate & Public sector Clients

WakeUp ShakeUp SA specializes in Social Enterprise Marketing. This is a disruption within the marketing industry and our products are customised for our sponsors.

Social Entrepreneurship and social enterprise is the future of Africa. It allows for the establishment of sustainable business while finding solutions to critical problems. We find mutually beneficial solutions to issues which often involve an intense lack of resources or awareness. We’ve had to create products and services to support the promotion of entrepreneurship, Maths &science etc.

We offer sponsors the opportunity to get involved in more dynamic forms of marketing. We acknowledge corporate ideals which may include the desire to increase market share, sales and keep customers loyal to their brands. Government departments as clients are offered the opportunity to use our platform to inform the youth about issues they may be facing; for example spreading awareness about the water crisis or learning centres.

SMME Development Programme

WakeUp ShakeUp SA has developed a Digital Marketing Initiative on behalf of our partners’ social development objectives. We introduce SMMEs to the endless possibilities that are available for the growth of their businesses online.
We offer to create pages of Masterfully designed online content to suit the needs of the business and brand. Our objective is to help businesses create and maintain a strong online presence. Content possibilities are endless. Examples of pages include profile pictures, cover art, event advertisements, before and after pictures, seasonal greetings and well wishes, price lists, possible specials or sales and the marketing of alternative products. Implementation of service is likely to occur within 7 working days.

Our team of consultants have differentiated skill sets which allow for innovative and creative ideas to flow. Our team brings ideas to life and includes making use of social media managers, event managers, graphic designers, brand managers, etc.

WakeUp ShakeUp SA is committed to providing opportunities to our youth who is the largest population in Africa. We encourage them to lead us into a brighter future. Your brand can help us appropriately establish an environment for African geniuses to take their place in the industry. “CONNECT” with us, and find out how you can get involved today.