About WakeUp ShakeUp SA


WakeUp ShakeUp SA is a family of exceptional Africans joining forces to change mindsets. We use our resources to influence young people and guide them in making decisions that will have a positive impact on their life and the lives of others. Phase one of our movement is to provide sponsored motivational speaking and life talks to institutions, schools, and small businesses. We offer Youth Marketing leveraging public speaking. We also run a Mobile Maths Academy which sees University students earn a higher wage for their tutoring time in the hopes of easing their financial strains. WakeUp ShakeUp SA believes mutual benefit and a delicate balance of resources can achieve sustainable development in education, innovation and technology.


“Bridging the gap by creating a platform for dialogue”

  • Our team is passionate about sharing their remarkable stories and knowledge
  • We are a family of exceptional Africans dedicated to contributing towards the prosperity of students, businesses and workers alike.
  • We make sure speakers relay interesting, appropriate, respectable content that does not infringe on the rights of others.
  • We keep up to date with developments in local labour markets and technology so that we have informed young people making decisions about their careers.
  • We aim to create employment opportunities for as many South Africans as possible.
  • Our business is not about stroking our own egos. It’s about sustainable ground work that can change lives.
  • We are here to empower women, the poor, “the missing middle”, the activists, the scientists, the everyday worker and the artists.


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To inspire and motivate South Africans everywhere to do more than they could have ever imagined. Assist in providing real economic solutions to the private sector, public sector and society at large by making use of educational and technological tools. We bridge the gap between the developed and developing sectors of South Africa while creating sustainable opportunities for youth employment. We are hardwired to support skills development in industry.


To provide our products and services all over South Africa and eventually expand to the rest of Africa. We will expand and diversify our products in the process. All products and services will generate viable solutions for the realities of the South African economy.