How To Be A Better Human: Part 2_ Stop With All The Privacy

Have you ever wondered who people “bought” creations like land, mountains, beaches and forests from? Things and places that are said to be created by God, but are somehow owned by man because they paid a certain amount of money to whom?? The “owners” then charge the rest of the humans on Earth who have as much right to see God’s creations (no matter who, what or where we are and no matter how much we own). “Normal” people that do not own any of these things are not allowed on or in these places unless we pay or have permission from the owners- private beaches and having to pay to see places like the Victoria Falls or Table Mountain have been accepted by everyone and has become the norm of our society. We do not challenge the acts of privatisation and capitalism. We simply accept it. Why would one human deprive another human of seeing and experiencing such beautiful things because they do not have money to pay for something that should be free for all? It creates a divide and segregates people in a world that does not need more reason to be separated, but that needs empowerment to enable them to come together.


This idea of “privacy” has penetrated even deeper into a social setting where the privatisation of schools, hospitals, health care, medical aids and even service delivery (outsourcing of private companies as service providers) are the “better” and more sought after options of our time. I find it so weird and utterly wrong that a few humans get treated better and have the option of obtaining and utilising better services than the majority people who do not have such privilege. We are all equal and have equal rights (or so we are convinced that we are, so why does your economic class determine what kind of rights you get to enjoy and what you get to see and do?).  Again, the major segregation and the indoctrination that some people are better than others, or deserve better than others, remains the source of evil that creates a diversion between people where the opposite is needed so desperately- considering that we are already a segregated world with respect to religion, gender, race, culture, etc.

“…people need to work together- not against each other if we are ever going to make this country the best it can be”

Services like schooling and health care are meant to look after a population- educate them and heal them- ALL of them, and all in an equal sense- not some more than others, nor better than others. Privatisation of schools and hospitals leads to the empowerment and growth of only some, in a country that claims that all their people are equal and have the right to all the same services. What about the rest? This is an inequality that contradicts the promise of the country for its people. We need to empower each other, facilitate each other and share with each other and stop being selfish by depriving our fellow humans.


I hope that our generation is the change, that we stop preventing each other to see things that everyone deserves and has the right to see. We need to stop segregating each other and our children by the standard of services we provide and who we provide them to, and that we promote collaboration and teamwork to make equality a reality in every sense of the word. Stop with all the privacy, make non- private services and goods so efficient that they are just as good as private ones, so that everyone can benefit from them. I hope that we teach our kids that the way things are done now is not right, and that people need to work together- not against each other if we are ever going to make this country the best it can be. We need to give and do to the next human what we would like given and done to us. Until we as humans learn to share and start living selflessly, instead of only doing things for personal gain, we can never proclaim to have true equality.

-Nabila Lortan (inspired by Karabo Nemakonde)

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