The Economics of settling

Contrary to popular belief, settling down is not the act of marrying someone you’ve always dreamt of. It is not the excitement and the feeling of accomplishment you have after you attain your dream job or house for that matter. Settling is when you give up the good fight and decide that enough is enough – The next person or position that comes your way is the one you’re taking for the rest of your life.

Is it really worth it?

 You dream of dating  Tyra Banks, but settle for a Medea. You envision staring your own business; Walking into a building being called CEO and Chairperson of the board (Need to be gender neutral with these things before there’s an uprising). Settling is not natural.  I believe that it is an act of war against your ambition.
We all have dreams and aspirations that we would like to achieve given our limited time here on Earth. The truth of the matter is that if we take a path commonly travelled; we may not reach those goals. We could instead throw caution to the wind and take the road less travelled. You may experience the joys of having complete control over the things in your life (But are you ever in control of anything in a world that has external influences?).
It is common practice now to do what is safe. Where would we be if we as a civilisation never had people who evaded the safe options? The caveman would’ve doused the fire because it was too bright or too hot; The great explorers of Europe and Africa would’ve never left their continents believing that the Earth was flat (Yes, these people still exist today and are commonly known as the flat
earth society, feel free to giggle because I did).
The human race would’ve been further behind if we settled because of comfort or lack of difficulty. That is not the way we evolve as a species. For one moment I would like you to think about your choices in life. Consider re-evaluating your needs and wants analytically.  Do you need all that luxury? The cars, houses, clothes and spouse (Yes, I suggest you pick your spouse based on how little they cost you financially, emotionally and physically). It is increasingly apparent that happiness and satisfaction with life has become the greatest luxury.
In summary, walk the path less travelled for two reasons:
  1. It will be far more exciting and
  2. Everyone knows that walking on the road to the top of the mountain is difficult, but we also know that the view at the top of the mountain is always enchanting.
 -Ziphelele Nyandeni

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