Pyrite My Hero

What many of you are asking yourselves is what is pyrite? Pyrite is “a yellow mineral consisting of iron disulphite and typically occurring as intersecting cubic crystals.” This naturally occurring metal is commonly known as fools gold. This is the case because it looks like gold, it shimmers like gold and Pyrite is occasionally found around gold.

It was in 2008 when I was rooting for Obama to be the Democrat candidate above Hillary. We all know he won the seat as the Democrat candidate to run for president and then went on to win the presidency. The Black community of America was as excited as we were when Mandela won the presidential seat in the first South African democratic election. I hoped that he could change things for black lives in America and in his ancestral home of Africa. He was so eloquent in his speeches. He promised a lot to the residents of America and vowed to change the foreign policy of the US.

It gets the people going -_-

Little did we know that this bar of bullion was just a lump of Pyrite. We begin with the invasion of Libya. He had received intel from the Sec. of State Hillary (More commonly known as Killary for her cavalier attitude to lives outside America) that there were human rights violations in the North African country. This misleading information had him swoop in and bomb the daylights out of Libya; with his ‘Captain police the world’ cape fitted tightly . Post-cowboy intervention in Libya and we now have a failed state that is a hot bed for Isis or Isil recruiting (doesn’t matter what you called it is a C.I.A funded organization). The country isn’t even a shadow of its former self. Libya was once one of the best developed countries in Africa. We have yet to know the real reason for the invasion and the act of war against Africa.


A scenario closer to home revolves around our poultry industry that is suffering at the moment. It happened when the South African government noticed that American chicken didn’t meet our safety standards and refused to allow their chicken to enter our market. ‘The biggest terrorist in the world’ decided to enter the fray. During a news conference America threatened to sanction our country because we didn’t want their dangerous chicken. After prolonged negotiations South Africa caved fearing the sanctions. Zimbabwe is a broken country because of the very same sanctions imposed by the US and the EU (that’s a column for another day).

In Essence what I’m saying is that when Obama came along his promises and speeches led us to believe that he was different. His campaign motto gave us hope even here in Africa but, It is time for us to realise that we are our own life-line. Nothing will develop in South Africa or the rest of Africa unless we gather resources to create our own opportunities. It’s time that we re-evaluate our obsession with their products and support local businesses. Young people of Africa take your position in African industries. The brain drain should stop with our generation. Last but not least and one more time for the people in the back; “Buy South African!

-Ziphelele Nyandeni

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