3 Steps to Success &Prosperity

“Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.” — George Arliss

We are living in turbulent times for what will be known as South African history. We are caught up in whirlwinds of corruption and deception. Amongst the rising tension and unease we feel, it is vital to be mindful of certain principles that we need to make this country exceptional.




This progressive short article is aimed at the fellow youth of South Africa. It is aimed at those fresh into varsity and out of varsity. It is aimed at those who are unemployed; feeling helpless and hopeless. This article is aimed at those directly affected by the consequences of the current economic and political situation in the country. The forgotten people that are silenced while unjust leaders continue to make decisions that don’t benefit these people. This is aimed at those who want to help and those who have just made it out of an institutional system.

Success is simple. UBUNTU; like a car, it’s splendour can only be enjoyed due to the individual parts working together to provide drive, movement and direction.

Forgiveness is vital. In the same breath we cannot ignore the physical, spiritual and psychological work that needs to be done in the townships.

Indeed. 2017 must be a year of change. A year of doing more and giving our best to the communities we live and work in. A year of forgiving. A year of WORK and UPLIFTMENT.

How do we make this a reality? Do something good and keep it to yourself because life always has a way of bringing your good work to light. The light may be for you or it may be for someone else. It’s not always about you 🙂

Senzesihle Ndlovu graduating from Wits University with his honours degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics

I’d like to invite everyone to read up on some additional material: The Pursuit of Happiness movie with Will Smith (Chris Gardner’s story). Below you will find a summary of practical  advice we can use to be better people focused on growth. Before reading the tips below, please follow the link to Chris Gardner’s story. If you’re familiar kindly jump straight down to the goods 🙂



NB: You need two Jars, a diary and sticky notes (or any paper)


When you want something good to happen in your life. Write it down and put in there.
When something good happens in your life, write it down and put it in the jar too.


When you do something for someone (even your friends, work mates and partner) from the bottom of your heart, write it down and put in the jar


-This is where you evaluate whether you balanced your Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body.
-Personal and Social Management
-Plan the next day a night before.
-Plan to buy progressive and diverse literature (Self-help leadership books, political, history, Novels, music, sport, cook book!)


In short; We need to uplift each other in these times. Never forget that whether you know it or not, you could be someone else’s hero. Someone else’s testimony. Use your blessings to help others get theirs. Do it simply because you are able to.
WakeUp, ShakeUp and motivate yourself and others around you to GO WIN.

At the end of 2017. Reflect. Reinvent. Repeat.

-Sensesihle Ndlovu

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