Relationships & Emojis

Relationships are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of sweeping a woman off her feet. We rarely see young people doing something extravagant and breaking out of their comfort-zones to daringly confess their love for their partners. (Not that this has ever been a regular thing, maybe I’ve also been watching too many movies).

Anyway, My point is that these days technology has made it too easy for us to mess up our relationships. How? I believe that as a generation, we have forgotten how to communicate properly. Our feelings are often illustrated by emojis. Happy or Sad; Many of us are guilty of using vague cipher texts to explain our feeling to loved ones.

There is only one option left for us to consider once we are truly frustrated and confused: The dreaded one letter word “K”which would end most conversations.


Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not pinning all of our short falls on technology. The downfall of many relationships can be traced back to the inability of the people in the relationship to communicate. Symptoms include numerous misunderstandings, confusion and arguments. When fights get out of hand, they become detrimental to those relationships. It is common practice for angry people to react without understanding or listening to the other person. We often focus on hurting each other rather than solving the problem. Through a lack of dialogue we create new issues manifested by misunderstanding.

We need to remember that all relationships have value.


We can overcome this. You can make minor changes to your behaviour and help your relationship grow in the process. Instead of arguing via text and instead of unfollowing each other on social media; Why not make a conscious decision to meet up to discuss and resolve your issues? Ask yourself when was the last time you have shown the people in your life that you love that you appreciate them.  You could do this through simple acts of kindness and small expressions of gratitude. This would make the people in your life feel special and happier. They will be more motivated to work on the relationship with you and make it better.

We need to remember that all relationships have value. Friends, family and even colleagues can have an impact on our lives. How long a relationship lasts is not the most important factor. I think that failed relationships is just a stepping stone for self-improvement.

Lastly; and this is the most important one. NEVER TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED. This is the first rule, but we often break it because we assume that our partner will always be there. We need to keep in mind that for every action there an equal and opposite reaction. This sometimes leads our partners to a potential breaking point if they don’t feel like their needs are beinfrabz-dont-u-dare-k-me-ed8865g cared for. Who knew Newton’s Laws would apply to relationships? LOL. Remember that no person is perfect and that no relationship will be perfect. We need to see the good in each other and learn to accept their imperfections. After all; they should love you with your imperfections just the same

This a Blog post is dedicated to my Perfectly Imperfect girlfriend Dhanishta Sindhrajh

-Kylin Dass

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