Varsity bruh

The year has just begun and matriculants wait in anticipation for varsity to start while returning students begin the year with a mix of emotions. I can’t help but think about the things I wish were better explained at the start of my journey.

There are a few things that are not stressed enough.

  1. Provisional acceptance does not mean that you are accepted: There is still a possibility you will not get into the programme you want to do. You can upgrade your matric marks through a college or you can make a start in another programme. My advice would be to make a start in another programme. If you do well it shows that you can handle university and that will stand you in good stead when you reapply. It also opens you up to the possibility of another degree. Another degree provides you with different opportunities and perspective, all of which will only be to your advantage.
  2. Allow yourself the chance to see where opportunities lead you: You are young and you have time. If you have to choose your own curriculum find out how many subjects you have to take and be careful not to take too many. Find out how your subjects fit together and where they can lead you. Also, find out which subjects you can take from other faculties and sit in on other lectures. For the first time you will have all your interests at your feet pursue them and enjoy the process of learning again.tu-delft-1723434_960_720
  3. There is a possibility of failure: Be aware that failure is an understandable part of university life and life at large. It does not mean that your life is over or that you should give up. Try again and do not lose heart. The important thing is to persevere. Something to consider is that the system at every university is different. What you can’t do at one university you may be able to do at another. You do not have to finish your degree where you started it. Should you be stuck at any point in your degree, consider your options at another university or on the part time basis.

Regardless of what you do at university this year remember that you have made it this far because somewhere down the line something about you said that you are capable. Something about you made someone else believe in you, so it’s time to believe in yourself! Anything is possible!

-Claire Steward

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