The devil we can’t get rid of no matter how hard we pray

I’m sure if you’re a South African who has the misguided nature to follow politics in the last 8 years you’ve also experienced more heart palpitations than a nun in a brothel. From the scandals and irresponsibility of the A-NC (It’s better if you read it in a Zuma accent), to the very annoying whining and lack of poverty commitment by our resident opposition the DA, to the gun slinging and fast talking of the newcomers the EFF.

“A-NC” (It’s better if you read it in a Zuma accent)

Let’s be honest and raw about this so-called democracy in South Africa. First of all, how can it be a free and fair democracy when we only vote the party into power and not the preferred candidate? I mean, shouldn’t we have two elections? One in which we choose our candidates for the role of president of all the relevant parties and then another to choose the leader of the country. The current system we have is a mutant version of democracy because we are given leaders and then forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. The world is in its current state because we continuously need to choose between the lesser of two evils. We need to change this system so that we don’t hit a point of no return.

In my opinion, we cannot forget that South Africa is part of a poisonous monetary system known as capitalism. This system is powered by what I call evil henchmen, however, they are more commonly known as lobbyists. What the lobbyist does is to legally (and I mean legally) bribe politicians and their parties to value the interests of the large corporations. Since the average South African can’t afford to pony up the kind of monies they expect, it’s safe to assume the people’s interests aren’t being served. As a public organisation and as people employed by the population of the country; politicians should have their financial records and the records of their organisations made open to the public. These aren’t private companies managing the portfolio of the super wealthy (Well on paper they’re not). We as the general public should know which business people (To be gender neutral before we have an uprising) and which companies are funding (More commonly know as donations or campaign contributions) each organisation. This way we’ll know whose interests are being protected and which company to boycott as the public. We don’t want to have another Zupta scenario (which is likely since Dhlamini-Zuma is touted to be president, just what we need another Zuma in office). It isn’t an A-NC specific problem.  It is what all parties are doing and unless this changes, the grey-area we find ourselves in politically will continue to grow.

“Are we not going backwards because of squabbles?”

People have always been ruled- either by monarchs, the church and now politicians. Maybe we as the people need a break from being ruled so we can get our independence back. I mean when the species is constantly at war with itself does it not hinder our evolution? Are we not going backwards because of squabbles? Think about it in the theory of Darwinism. I doubt there’s a mention of a political hierarchy to manage the masses thus perpetuating evolution.

Lastly, if anyone can give me a detailed explanation of all political jargon and terminology present in our politician’s speeches and responses, that would be great! Sometimes I’m pretty sure they even confuse themselves.

-Ziphelele Nyandeni

2 thoughts on “The devil we can’t get rid of no matter how hard we pray

  1. Well written piece… My thoughts are that in order to move away from being ruled every individual in the country must be empowered enough (mentally) to be able to navigate on their own


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