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We educate and empower our young people with the skills to unlock their full potential. Our long-term organizational goals are to promote STEM/critical thinking and develop entrepreneurial minds.
Through our business we provide work and training opportunities to unemployed Youth.


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The difference?

”My family is from a ‘coloured’ township in KZN. I am passionate about innovating the way society is educated. As a young woman,  the high rate of Youth unemployment in South Africa has always concerned me. I am fortunate to have studied a BSc. Economic Science and Mathematics degree at Wits University and working at the Wits Outreach organization during my studies taught me three things:
  1. Young people have the talent, passion, and desire to impact communities
  2. On the job training helps make our Youth employable
  3. My passion lies in managing youth development projects and solving community problems.
WakeUp ShakeUp SA is more than just a company… It is a movement, a lifestyle and a family.”
—Founder: Callan Abrahams